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It's been a bit.  I'd wanted to take a break before but then stupidly thought I'd try commissions.  Did a few and got dangerously close to feeling burned out completely.  So I took a break, unfortunately breaking commission promises in the meantime.

So, where am I?

First - cool news, "Layers" was picked up for publishing by an erotica & romance publishing firm.  Some of my other stories may also be published and, who knows, future stuff as well, maybe.  I'll post updates on that when it happens!

Second - I'll probably start writing soon.  I want to try to finish the commissions I'd accepted so I'll try that first.  A little at a time so I don't burn out.

Anyway, that's where I am.  Thought I'd let y'all know!

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The bar fell into a hush when she walked in. Conversations stopped in a wave around the entrance, rippling out until the entire place was silent. Kanye blared from the digital jukebox but you could hear a pin drop.

If she blushed, you couldn't tell; her cheeks were hidden behind deep black fur. The tip of her black tail, weighted down with a golden metal band, twitched, possibly in annoyance at the attention. Her raven black hair was tied in a delicate braid and nearly hidden in the fur covering her.

She reached up with shortened fingers and they could all see the raised pink and black pads lining the bottom of her hand. The fur covering her hand and wrist was sleek and shined in the muted fluorescent lights. Small claws extended from hidden sheaths as she flexed to take her jacket off.

The woman's boyfriend took her jacket. He smiled, showing brilliant white teeth and the start of his own fangs. A small line of golden fur ran from his nose to his forehead and a few white whiskers shifted when he grinned. Unlike his girlfriend, he loved the attention.

The woman walked through the bar and a few men strained to see the swell of her breasts in the fur-lined cleavage she showed. She was barefoot and seemed to posses an unnatural grace in her movements. Everyone watched her and her boyfriend smirked at them all.

Slowly, very slowly, conversations started again.

"Do you think his cock has spikes?" Liam asked his friend quietly.

"Jesus, man," Jacob hissed, staring at his half-finished glass of beer. "He can probably hear you from over there."

"Who cares," Liam shrugged. "I just want to know if it's all inclusive or if they can mix and match or what."

The man stood with his girlfriend at the bar. She turned and offered her cheek and the man licked the girl's furry cheeks with an unnaturally large tongue.

"Damn," Jacob whispered. He stared at the couple while they ordered their drinks and settled in. He felt a twinge of jealousy while he watched them laugh and talk and touch. "Damn."

Talk around the bar was muted. Almost respectful. People like the man and woman were still a rare sight. The treatments were horribly expensive and there were protests worldwide regarding the ethics involved - and not just from religious groups. The scientific community warred from within and even the most reasonable of them worried about the long term implications and effects on the human body. Only a few clinics offered the treatments and they were constantly under protest.

"Would you?" Liam asked, sipping his beer.

"What?" Jacob asked.

"Would you get it done if you could?"

Jacob continued to stare. The woman's thick fur glistened in the light and she laughed, placing a hand against her chest. The man pressed his cheek against hers and they nuzzled briefly.

He wondered what it would be like. How it would feel. She looked like she enjoyed it. No, Jacob thought. She loves it. The way she moves and smiles and glances around the room, soaking up the attention. She loves all of it. What would that be like? To be someone else? Unique and the center of attention wherever you went?

"Well?" Liam prodded.

"Y- yeah," Jacob mumbled. "Yeah. I think I would."

"Damn straight," his friend replied. "What'd you get? I'd go for a fucking lion. I'd be fucking massive."

"I don't even care," Jacob told him, glancing at the couple. "Just. Not me. Anything else."

"Bullshit," Liam laughed. "You don't have anything you'd rather be? Wolf? Lizard something so you could be like a dragon or some shit?"

"No, man," Jacob said, finally looking away. "Really wouldn't care. Any of it would be amazing. I'm 23 years old and a nobody with nowhere to go. I'd take anything."

"Huh," Liam grabbed his phone when it suddenly buzzed. "Oh, hey, Jake is at the club. Want to go?"

Jacob glanced at the strange woman and felt his cock stir. Not at lust for her but at the thought of how it must feel to walk around like that.

"Yeah, fuck it," Jacob told him, pressing his palm against his erection for a moment. "I'd like that."


The two men stepped into the strip club and looked around, their eyes adjusting to the near dark. Electronica played over the speakers while the DJ announced the next girl dancing on the main stage. Finally, they spotted their friend at the bar surrounding the stage.

"Hey Jake!" Liam said, clapping his friend on the back. "How's it been lately?"

"Good, man," Jake told them. Their friend was slightly older and tired looking with a 5 o'clock shadow. He licked his lips and looked around the room quickly. "Just started a new job, you know?"

"Oh man, cool, cool," Liam said. "I know you've been looking, man. What'd you find?"

Jacob and Liam settled in at the bar beside their friend. A young, attractive woman in a corset and fishnet stockings came over to take their drink order and then walked away. Jacob watched her, admiring the young woman's ass.

"Ah, it's like a concierge," Jake said, sipping his drink.

"A what now?" Liam asked.

"I, you know, get things for people. Set stuff up. That crap."

"Errand boy?"

"Yeah, sure, man. Like that. Hey, Jacob!" Jake yelled, tapping his friend on the shoulder. "Man, they're doing a karaoke competition tonight with a free private dance for the winner. You need to get in on that shit, man. I know you could win it."

"Oh," Jacob laughed nervously. "No way, man. No way. No way I get up in front of all these horny fucks."

"Come on," Jake shouted. "I heard you sing, man. You've got the voice of an angel. It's not right but it's so fucking good."

"Pass!" Jacob told him. He eyed the lady on the stage as she stripped off her bra. Her breasts were fake but huge. "Not happening."

"Fine, man, fine," Jake said, licking his lips again. "Hey, I'm going to go check on the drinks. I'll be right back."

Jacob watched the woman on stage as she worked the pole, wrapping her leg around and twirling before lowering herself to the stage. She bounced her bare ass to shouts of lewd encouragement from the crowd. A tap on his shoulder made him jerk around.

"Here," Jake told him, holding out a dark glass. "Got your drinks. Liam, here!"

Liam took his drink but then grinned as a half-naked woman whispered in his ear. He said something in return and then walked off with the girl, hand-in-hand. Jake frowned for a moment and then grinned at Jacob.

"Drink up, man!" Jake shouted, tipping his drink back.

A new dancer walked on stage, a lithe black girl, and Jacob drank quickly while she worked her routine.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the DJ said over the speakers. "The beautiful Mystique will be finishing in just a moment and then we'll start the karaoke contest! The winner gets an hour private dance with his or her favorite dancer in the VIP lounge."

"-ob!" Jake shouted.

"What?" Jacob said, turning slowly. The room seemed to take a moment to catch up and he blinked. Why's it so hot in here?

"Hey, bud," Jake said. "You, uhh, you doing okay?"

The young man scratched at his chest and pressed his cold glass against his forehead. The coolness felt good against his skin. The soft material of his white tank top scratched against his chest and nipples and he shifted, rubbing at his cock as a soft moan escaped his lips.

"Yeah, m'fine," Jacob said. "Where's Liam?"

"Fucker's getting another lap dance," Jake frowned. "I'm sure he'll be back. I think I'll go get him. Kinda rude leaving us here, you know? And his drink's getting warm."

"I'm warm," Jacob giggled. Two bumps formed on his shirt as his tiny nipples swelled slowly, the skin surrounding them twisting and puckering into the start of areolas. He felt flushed and tossed back his drink, finishing it in one gulp to wipe a hand across his mouth.

Jake stood, staring at his friend. The young man placed a hand on Jacob's shoulder and Jacob shivered at his touch. Jake squeezed his friend's shoulder and then traced a quick finger up the other man's neck. Jacob moaned in his seat.

"That feels good," Jacob, smiling as his cheeks turned red from the sudden excitement building in the pit of his stomach. He pressed his cheek against the man's hand.

Leaning in, Jake hesitated, his mouth close to his friend's ear. "Go sing for us," Jake whispered. "Show them who you are."

"I-" Jacob said, turning to look at his friend. His eyes bulged when Jake kissed him quickly. He felt the shock to his toes and opened his mouth invitingly but Jake stepped back, wiping his mouth.

"Sorry," Jake whispered. "I'm sorry, man." He turned and walked quickly away.

Jacob reached for his friend and then pulled his hand back. He touched his lips in confusion. Did- did that really happen? I'm- I'm not gay. I just- what in the world? His cock throbbed painfully in his pants, stuck awkwardly at an angle. The young man shivered and then scratched his arms while his head swam.

"Excuse me," a deep, cultured voice said at Jacob's elbow. "You're next on stage, Jacob."

Tiny holes opened along Jacob's arms and he continued to scratch at the itch within.

"What?" Jacob asked. It took him a moment to realize what the man meant. "Oh, oh no, I'm not singing."

The man, and older trim gentlemen with a salt and pepper beard leaned in to Jacob. Jacob shivered and breathed deeply. The man's smell seemed to surround him, to caress him and he felt the small hairs stir at the back of his neck.

"Oh," Jacob said, blinking rapidly. Something moved in the pit of his stomach. Something deep within that felt slick and hot and intense. He leaned into the man, brushing his cheek and shivering as the older man's beard scratched along his smooth skin. Before he could stop himself, he kissed the man's neck where the scent was the strongest. "Oh. Oh."

"They're waiting for you," the man said. Gently, he pressed his hand against Jacob's chest, pushing him back.

Jacob blinked. He'd wrapped his arms around the man at some point. He blinked again and his lashes slowly lengthened, thick and black. He pressed a hand against his mouth, dragging his fingers along his lips. Jacob turned his upper body to brush his swollen nipple against the man's hand and the older man smiled before pulling his hand away.

"They're waiting," he told Jacob again. This time, he took Jacob's hand in his and pulled the younger man up. Jacob blushed and looked down at the ground. His ears burned and he couldn't seem to form words. And he didn't want to let the man's hand go.

The older man led Jacob to the side of the stage and Jacob followed, eyes closed as he took in the smell coming from the man. He couldn't tell what scent it was. It didn't smell like anything but the pull of it was undeniable.

"Up you go," the older man told Jacob, raising his hand.

"K-" Jacob blushed. He looked down, his ears burning. He swallowed and shuddered and pressed his thighs together. He ached deep in his stomach. The words escaped his lips before he could take them back. "Kiss me."

The older man smiled and wrapped his arm around Jacob tenderly. He pulled the young man close and kissed him briefly.

"Come back to me," he whispered in the young man's ears.

"Yes!" Jacob whispered fiercely. Lights swirled and the room swam and Jacob hugged himself, gasping at how sensitive he felt. He felt like something important was just out of reach and slipping further away and so he hugged himself even tighter.

The young man stared at the steps and then looked back, his eyes pleading with the older man. The man waved him on and he bit his lip, blushing and taking a step up. The crowd cheered for him and he swallowed again, walking up to the stage. He rubbed at his lower back, feeling a dull aching pain above his ass but then, he stopped and stared at the crowd before him.

A single microphone stood at the front of the stage. Beyond that was a translucent screen with the words "Sway - Anita Kelsey" displayed at the top.

Jacob swallowed and scratched at his nose. Muscles shifted in his sides and bones reshaped in his hips. He barely felt the skin around his hips and ass tighten as fat grew beneath the surface. His shorts tightened to contain the soft, gentle swell of his feminine hips. The front of his now-tight pants bulged against his throbbing erection. He kept catching the man's scent and it sent shocks down to his stomach.

A slow beat began and the crowd settled. Grew quiet. Jacob rubbed his arms against his sides. His skin crawled and green coloring appeared in the holes lining his arms. He found himself nearly hypnotized by the beat.

Unable to contain himself, Jacob spread his arms and light green feathers sprouted from his skin. The crowd cheered wildly and Jacob thrilled at the attention. His tailbone bulged further and the skin around the base of his spine opened to show the tips of his tail feathers beginning to grow.

"When marimba rhythms start to play," he cooed, singing along with the words slowly scrolling along the screen. He moved his new, wide hips to the sound of the music, rocking them back and forth. Small green and yellow feathers pushed forth from his inner thighs and he found himself rubbing them together. Their touch sent shivers down his spine. "Dance with me, make me sway."

His lower back bulged, pushing his shorts down and the young man was so lost in his song that he didn't even notice the head of his cock peeking above the band. Tiny feathers sprouted along his cheeks, his skin opening briefly to let them free. They shone, wetly, in the bright lights but quickly dried.

"Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore," Jacob sang, pointing at random people in the crowd. The feathers along his arms grew longer and longer, anchoring themselves to his bones to form strong wings. His tank top lifted as the skin around his nipples bulged, exposing the soft swell of his growing breasts. Light grey feathers sprouted along his shoulders. "Hold me close, sway me more."

The crowd was silent again. Even the hostess and servers sat quietly. Watching the young man change. It was a very, very select group of people that were in attendance but Jacob and Liam would never know exactly how elite the group was. The older man that had spoken with Jacob earlier watched from the side, a small smile on his lips.

"Like a flower bending in the breeze," on the shift in tone on 'bending', Jacob's voice cracked and rose higher in pitch. The small bump of his Adam's Apple melted away to leave smooth, pink skin behind. However, as before, holes briefly appeared as bright yellow feathers sprouted from his throat. The yellow feathers grew down the young man's chest, disappearing into his shirt. "Bend with me, sway with ease."

Sweat rolled down Jacob's back and his heart hammered deep in his chest but he couldn't stop singing. Endorphins and hormones rushed through his body and the thrill of the performance emboldened him.

Jacob flourished and his wings spun him. As he twirled, his tail feathers burst from the bulge at the base of his spine. The heavy, wide feathers flared and shifted as he moved and he felt the tug against his back. He turned and smiled, never missing a beat. The young man's shirt pulled tight against his still growing breasts, his large nipples tenting the fabric. The shirt lifted to expose his belly and the small 'happy trail' of hairs flaked away. Tiny orange feathers sprouted along his now-slim belly to replace the hairs.

"When we dance, you have a way with me;" on the phrase 'a way with me' Jacob smiled and winked at a handsome man at the bar and the man blew a kiss in return. Jacob blushed as his cheekbones shifted beneath the soft coat of feathers on his face. The sides of his large breasts protruded from the gaps of his shirt and he pressed them together, biting his lip at the sensation. With another wink, he continued. "Stay with me, sway with me."

The young man ran his fingers through his hair, stroking the feathers growing from his scalp. Long and luxurious, he slicked them back as he rocked his hips in time to the beat. His own hair fell to the ground around him to leave the emerald 'hair' feathers in their place.

"Other dance-" Jacob faltered, bowing his head and his breasts hung beneath him as his huge tail feathers lifted up, spreading to counterbalance him. The bridge of his nose bowed and swelled and he spat teeth. The young man fell to one knee as his eyes watered in pain. His upper jaw bulged as his gums joined with his lips and spread thin, keratin forming beneath the surface and growing up to connect to his nose.

The young man touched his growing beak carefully, feeling the soft, smooth, thin skin covering it. He breathed in and coughed. His bottom gums and lips fused and the hard material formed in place of his bottom teeth. He worked his changed mouth, feeling the way his beak hooked over his bottom jaw. Slowly, the pain faded.

Jacob's tail feathers lay against his his legs. He could feel a sharp pain in his toes as the four toes next to his big toes merged, leaving three large toes in place. The skin at the heel of his foot split and sharp claws sliced through the back of his shoes. Bones and muscle and nerves formed within, connecting his new back toe to his foot.

Groaning, he went to his hands and knees, feeling his heavy breasts pull at his back and chest as he moved. There was a strange heat between his legs and pain deep in the bones of his feet. His ankle moved, pushing his feet away. The skin along his calves hardened and swelled just as thick muscles grew in his thighs. His ass swelled further and his shorts tore at the sides, exposing him to the crowd.

A slit formed just above the young man's testicles. He gasped as the air brushed his newly forming pussy. Above that, his cock hung limp and useless against a soft down of feathers. Those feathers shifted when his pubic bones reshaped to contain his change. His testicles pulled into his body while his uterus formed. Sweat dripped down his feathered torso and he cried out with a high, feminine voice.

The sound of tearing fabric filled the air when Jacob's shoes split, unable to contain his lengthening toes. They grew out thick with hard, ropy skin.

Despite the pain in his feet, Jacob shivered and moaned. His slick, new pussy was pulsing. Already engorged, his wetness dripped to the stage, glistening in the bright lights. A small fold of skin formed, hidden behind tiny green feathers and his cock shrunk. Slowly. Slowly his manhood drew into his body, the flared head pulling tight against his shaft until it slipped under the hood to form his clit.

At some point, the music had stopped. The crowd was utterly silent.

Jacob was on his hands and knees, his pussy steadily dripping while he gasped from the feel of it throbbing between his soft, feathered thighs. Muscles tugged in his back and his tail feathers spread and lifted, fanning his scent to the club. Showing his desires. The feathers along his head stood at full attention.

"Please," Jacob gasped, looking up at the crowd with large eyes surrounded by a ring of gray feathers. He bit carefully at his bottom lip with his small, hooked beak and spread his thighs with his raised tail. Damp micro feathers, green mixed with yellow slowly sprouted from his soft breasts, already soaked from the sweat of his body. His voice was sultry and lustful. "Oh god, please."

The older man from before stepped onto the stage and reached a hand for the young man. Jacob took it, stumbling on his new legs. Despite his long legs and feet, his ankle flexed backwards now and he was shorter than he'd been.

"My name is Thomas," the older man said. He ran a hand down Jacob's sweat-soaked shirt and further down along the small, silky feathers covering the young man's ass. Jacob gasped and pressed himself hard against the man, moaning as his large breasts flattened against the man's suit.

Thomas led Jacob offstage. They passed a blushing woman with distant eyes who giggled. She barked and covered her mouth with a small hand before giggling again and taking her place on stage.

Jacob followed Thomas. Followed the cloying scent that seemed to surround the man. The smell that made him weak and hot. That made the empty ache between his thighs flare.

The two entered a small room and Jacob placed a small, girlish hand against his feathered chest. Liam lay naked on the couch, slowly pumping his erect cock.

"Heeey," Liam slurred, his smile slow and awkward. "Heeeeey seexy. C'mere. Should. C'mere."

"Go to him," Thomas said. The older man began unbuttoning his shirt. "Go to him and pleasure him with your mouth."

"I-" Jacob looked between Thomas and Liam. He shook his head, trying to remember who the young man on the couch was. It was just on the top of his tongue but barely. The smell from Thomas made it too hard to think.

"But first, let me help you."

Thomas reached out, grabbing the shirt Jacob still wore. He lifted and Jacob raised his arms submissively. His breasts bulged and then fell heavily as the shirt passed them. The young man instinctively smoothed his ruffled feathers and lowered his head feathers when the shirt came off.

Suddenly embarrassed, Jacob hugged himself, feeling the warmth and softness of his new body. His breasts bulged as he squeezed them together.

"Oh, fuck," Liam said. He licked his lips and stroked himself faster as he eyed Jacob's curves and heavy, full breasts. "You're fuckin' hooooot. Fuckin' hot."

Jacob groaned, dropping his hips and shivering at the sight of the excited man's cock. The emptiness within throbbed and his tail feathers spread behind him.

"Go to him," Thomas said quietly. He was shirtless now and working on the zipper of his pants.

Jacob went and kneeled before Liam. Barely hesitating, he took the other man's cock and slipped it between his breasts. On his knees, with his thick thighs spread and his tail feathers raised, Jacob bent back and forth over his friend's cock. It slid between his breasts and Jacob moaned, tentatively licking the head of Liam's cock.

Gently, Jacob lowered his beak, adjusting his head so the sharp point was to the side. He sucked on his friend's cock eagerly while still rubbing it between his breasts.

A sudden large, warm hand on Jacob's wide, soft ass made him jump. Thomas' fingers slide around and Jacob froze as the older man's fingers slipped between his wet pussy.

"Don't stop, baby," Liam moaned, tugging at Jacob's long head feathers. Jacob bent back, bobbing his head and chest over his friend's cock until he felt something hot and soft and big press against his pussy.

Thomas grabbed Jacob's tail, pressing it up and back to expose his ass. The young man's virgin pussy opened and the older man pressed into slid into Jacob's velvety wetness.

Jacob opened his beak, cawing out in pleasure and pain, unable to stop himself from pushing himself back inch by inch until Thomas' cock was buried deep inside. He gripped Liam's thighs and then lay against his friend's lap, overstimulated and unable to move.

A single feather sprouted from Liam's cheek and he rubbed at it. The man's left nipple grew darker and the skin around it puckered. Liam moaned, pinching and pulling at the nipple and it stiffened, fat and thick.

"YES!" Jacob cried out, leaning back, matching Thomas's rhythm as the man pulled back, his cock sliding out of Jacob's pussy. He gripped Liam's cock, pumping it while Thomas fucked him from behind, slamming himself against Jacob's large, soft ass. "FUCK YES!"

Liam moaned, rolling his head as more feathers grew from his cheeks and jawline. The man's jaw melted away, leaving behind a soft, curved chin on a slightly feminine face.

Jacob felt an odd sensation building in his stomach. Thomas' cock was unlike anything he'd ever felt before and a pressure was building deep in his stomach, between his thighs. He moved himself, raising his hips slightly and then cried out as the man's cock rubbed a spot just inside his tight pussy. His entire body was incredibly sensitive and his shifting feathers drove him wild.

"Ye- ye- yes oh- oh- oh- right- right-" Jacob gasped, his feathered breasts flopping as Thomas pounded into him. "Right- right- right there don't stop don't stop don't oh god don't st-"

"FUCK!" Jacob cried, his high, sharp voice piercing in the small room. He shook and felt blood from where his beak had bitten through the skin on his bottom lip. The young man's eyes rolled back into his head and he stuttered, trying to speak. "T- T- T- Too. Much."

Thomas continued pounding and this time, gathered Jacob's tail feathers in one hand, twisting and pulling. The pain mixed with the incredible pleasure of Thomas's thick cock and Jacob came again, collapsing against his friend's lap while his entire body shook.

Liam's cock was small and limp and clear liquid leaked from the head of it. The young man thumbed the shrunken head and pulled at his tiny breasts, moaning with a young girl's high voice. Feathers pushed forth from between his tiny breasts.

Thomas groaned and shook and Jacob could feel him swelling within him. Could feel the thick stream of the man's cum spurting inside his pussy. He couldn't get enough and didn't want it to stop. When Thomas pulled back, Jacob nearly wailed and reached back to try to keep him in. His wings pressed awkwardly against his hips. He wanted to turn and reach for the man's still-hard dick but he couldn't move.

Feathers sprouted from Liam's thighs. Unlike Jacob's thick, strong legs, Liam's legs were shrinking and, indeed, the other man seemed to pull into himself. The young man laying on the couch was slowly changing into a petite, small breasted girl.

Jacob could smell the sweet, slightly salty scent as Liam's pussy began to form and he moaned, licking his lips and feeling a blush burn his cheeks. He moved his head and licked between his friend's small thighs, feeling the soft skin bulge and thicken into engorged pussy lips.

Thomas patted the sweat of his brow with a towel and smiled as he heard the woman onstage howl with the dog's heat being forced into her by the spiked drink. He'd almost asked for a dog but, instead, decided on a pair of songbirds.

The older man smiled at the two bird women. Just as he'd ordered. The petite one had worked the large one down to the ground and they both had their legs spread, rubbing their clits together as they gasped and moaned and cried out. The smell of their sex filled the air and his cum slowly leaked from the larger one's pussy. Neither of them seemed to care in their artificially induced frenzy. He texted his driver to bring the car around in an hour and then touched an extra drop of scent to his neck. The effect was instant: both girls froze mid-motion to come to him, kissing and rubbing themselves all over him, Pulling at his cock with soft little fingers and rubbing their beautiful feathers against his body.

Soon he wouldn't need the scent. Soon they would completely forget who they were and be ready and willing and hungry for him whenever he wanted.

They would sing for him whenever he liked.
For A Song... [TF, TG, MtF, Bird, Commission]
This story is a commission.  The rough scenario (man to bird and singing on stage) is from the commissioner but I built a world around it to place it in.  The universe it's set in is mine.

A young man unwillingly changes in front of a crowd as he sings.

- My first bird TF!

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It hurt.

She trembled and lowered herself, long golden fur brushing the leaves and wet grass covering the small hill. She crawled with her legs splayed. Ashamed but unable to contain herself. She whined quietly as the cold dew eased the burning between her back legs. She pulled herself, rubbing her engorged pink sex along the ground.

It wasn't enough. Not nearly enough.

A few cars passed on the nearby street but the little town was sleepy as Fall settled in. The sun was a faded yellow on the horizon, struggling to provide warmth through the cold evening.

The cold didn't touch her and not because of her thick fur coat.

She stood and licked her muzzle, head low until her legs stopped trembling. Her tail wagged and the brush of the fur against her sex made her growl in frustration. People walked in the distance and she looked up, her floppy ears twitching. She thought briefly about joining them. Walking among them on two legs but she knew herself and knew how hard it'd be to contain her urges. And their complex societal rules still confused her.

Instead, she paced. Back and forth, back and forth. Frustrated. Trying to think through the throbbing in her head. Licking the drool from her thick black lips as her breath puffed out into the chill night air. Back and forth. Back and forth.


Tony buckled the high visibility vest to his chest, smoothing it over his long-sleeved shirt. A road bike lay lightly against his hip while he finished getting ready for his ride. His co-workers streamed out of the building behind him and told him to have a safe ride, as they always did. He waved to them as he mounted his bike and pedaled off.

The road was mostly empty as the young man biked home. His long, lean, tanned legs worked effortlessly as he wove along the road. He breathed deeply and hummed a random beat, matching it to the blinking red light attached to the front of his bike.

Movement ahead on the side of the road drew the man's attention and he slowed. A golden retriever seemed to be wandering the sidewalk. He watched it for a moment and then looked around for its owner. Seeing nobody and noticing the obvious distress the poor dog was in, he pulled up to the sidewalk and then stopped.

"Hey boy," he called out, dragging his bike onto the sidewalk. The dog stopped and took a tentative step backward, it's head bowed and tail lowered. Tony lay his bike carefully down on the ground. "Awww, I'm not going to hurt you. Where's your owner, huh? Where's your owner, boy?"

The dog came to him slowly. Carefully. One step. Two. Sniffing the air a moment before getting closer. Tony looked around again, waiting for someone to come out and yell at him for messing with their dog. But, it was a small town he couldn't remember anyone near here with a golden retriever.

"Come on," Tony said gently, holding his hand out. He was tall, over six feet, and so he crouched to make himself look less imposing. He noticed no collar as it crept closer. "I won't hurt you. Just want to see if someone owns you."

The young man waited patiently but, soon, the dog was close enough to sniff his outstretched hand. He smiled encouragingly at it.

"Yeah, that's it, good boy," Tony told the dog when it licked his hand. Its tail wagged tentatively and he slowly reached forward to scratch it behind the ears. "Aww, poor thing, you're shaking. Huh. No collar? Are you a stray? Your coat's all messy so maybe."

The dog moved forward, pressing itself between the young man's legs and he rocked back on his heels with a laugh. He ruffled the dog's neck as it smelled him.

"Well," Tony said, standing. The dog whined up at him with large eyes. Its tail was low and it pressed itself against his legs. "You're an affectionate guy. Let's get you back to my place, huh? Get some pictures and put up some posters tomorrow? Yeah? Would you like that? I think I can even get some food for you."


She listened to the man speak. His words were high pitched with odd, wavering tones but she could understand him well enough and hearing that he'd take her home excited her. Her sex was throbbed painfully, sharp spikes radiating from her belly. She could feel the wetness pooling inside of her as she breathed deeply of the man's scent.

He scratched along her neck and back and she trembled at his touch. At the way his fingernails felt against her skin. At the sweet taste of pleasurable pain when his fingers tugged at the tangles in her fur. She leaned heavily against his waist and whined again.

The male patted his thigh and called to her, pulling his (bicycle they named them) on his left side. She caught up to him and followed close, feeling the excitement building.

He was the one. She knew it. He had to be.


Tony hefted his bike up to his shoulders and walked through his front gate. The dog waited for him to walk through the gate and then followed him close. He was amazed at how focused and intelligent it was. Never once did it stray to sniff at things or run off on some random adventure.

Because of its intelligence and his love of the anime Cowboy Bebop, he'd decided to name the dog Einstein, or Ein for short. Even if he was the wrong breed.

He unlocked his door and turned to the dog. "Come on in, Ein. Let's get you squared away and figure out what we're going to do with you." At the mention of its name, the dog's tail thrashed wildly and it jumped on him, licking at his arm and then his crotch. Tony laughed and gently pushed it back.

The dog barked once loudly, its tail still wagging uncontrollably, before it went inside. Once in, it walked carefully around the living room, as if it were inspecting the young man's home. Satisfied, it came back and butted against Tony's leg before sitting on its back paws. He looked down and saw it looking back up at him and was amazed at the intelligence within.

"You're a remarkable dog, Ein," Tony said. Again he crouched and the dog lowered its head for him. He scratched along its neck. "Jesus, Ein, you're burning up!"

Tony ran his hand along the dog's back, feeling the heat radiating from its skin. It was panting now and whining quietly, its fluffy tail swishing back and forth against his wood floor.

Long, golden strands of fur came away in Tony's hand and he stared at it. A small bare patch of skin lay exposed near Ein's tail and he watched as the skin bulged and twisted, as if things were moving beneath the surface. The dog whined and lay itself flat, facing purposefully away from Tony to expose its sex.

A small part of Tony's mind noticed the slick, swollen pink lips (Oh, it's a girl, he thought) as he sat back on his hands. A sharp crack filled the air and Ein barked loudly before whining and laying her head against the floor. Her back jerked and she she arched it, raising her tail with another whine. Her voice warbled oddly, as if she were trying to speak.

"Wha- wha- wha-" Tony stuttered, watching as clumps of fur fell to the ground around Ein. Her ears twitched and the skin began to pull back into her muzzle. The left moved faster and he watched, mouth open in shock, as a familiar rounded shape took place: A human ear.

Ein reached out her paws and tried speaking again, barks and whines and groans mixing together. Tried to tell him that she was okay. That, yes, it hurt, but it would stop. She tried clenching her fists and then growled in frustration at the lack of fingers. Her black-padded paws creaked and stretched out as a small nub appeared on the insides of her front paws. The nub lengthened into the start of a thumb and she rubbed her paws against the ground, trying to scratch the deep, painful itch she felt beneath the skin.

Her claws began to retreat into her slowly forming fingers. And she worked them, watching the still-thick not-fingers flex awkwardly.

I'm okay, she tried to tell the man, her voice warbling. She could feel the thin skin of her right ear sliding against the soft fur of her muzzle. Sounds were fading. Becoming less. I'm okay.

Ein cried out in near-human pain when her hip cracked. Her legs flopped uselessly as her spine rearranged and reconnected. She hated the cold, dead feeling when that happened but, soon, sharp pricks of pain danced along her back legs. She felt her legs again, sliding against the cool, smooth floor. More fur fell from her growing legs and the strands tickled her bare skin.

"Errrm," Ein said with a growl. She coughed and tried to clear her throat. It, too, was changing, the soft cartilage crunching within. "Errrrrm kaaay."

Sweat began to bead on her back, racing down her sides to soak into the fur still clinging to her body. Ein growled when her jaw broke. She closed her eyes and breathed through her nose with her mouth shut as she tasted blood. Of all the parts, this was the worst. She swallowed, again and again, nearly choking as her mouth and face rearranged itself.

The bones of the girl's muzzle cracked and crunched and shortened. She growled deep in her throat and her limp tail flicked against the ground. Loose fur covered her back in patches.

Tony pushed himself back quickly until he felt the wall against him. His eyes were huge and he couldn't look away. The dog - no, girl - lay on the ground in front of him. Her forearms were still covered in thick, long fur and her paws were now hands. She clenched them in pain and her body shook.

Another loud crack sounded and Ein bit off a howl. She pulled herself into a fetal position and Tony's eyes were drawn to her tail. It twitched once, twice and then lay still. Beneath it, her narrows hips expanded. Swelled. He watched her dog's sex move as her ass and hips grew in. He wanted to look away but couldn't.

The girl's tail slid against her still-swelling ass and she shivered at its touch. As if a lover were caressing her. The bones of her tail melted away inch by inch as it pulled back into her. She rubbed her thighs together, groaning as the tuft of fur on her mound and inner thighs slid against her engorged pussy. Her back paws (feet, she reminded herself, feet now) clicked against the ground.

Ein rolled to her back and sighed as her soft, large ass cushioned her. Sweat dripped from her sides and she moaned, rubbing along her chest and body, scratching her skin and fur to pull loose fur away. Her tail was barely a nub now and she rocked her hips as it vanished.

"I'm okay," Ein gasped as her muzzle shorted further. Her black lips pulled tight and began to fade into soft pink. Her nose bulged into a small bump and she rubbed her cheeks to feel the smooth, bare skin. Blond hair sprouted from her scalp to mix with the thick fur still in place. "I'm okay."

"What- What are you?" Tony asked, still watching.

Ein sighed, turning herself. Still on her back, she spread her thin thighs to show the male her sex. She reached down to touch herself and Tony involuntarily looked between her legs.

The girl's pussy lips were thick and slick and pink and folded oddly. Still a dog's sex. Her small fingers explored carefully. Tony licked his lips and felt his cock stir as the girl's clever fingers slid against the bulging wet lips. She pressed at her chest, pinching and twisting at a small nipple.

Tony looked up at her other hand. He watched clear fingernails grow to cover her fingers. She moaned, flexed her hips and twisted herself. The nipple she toyed with began to swell under her rough attention and only then did Tony see seven more of them lining her chest and belly in two rows.

"What," Tony swallowed. "I said what are you? Who are you?"

"I'm okay," Ein said again with a moan. She pushed herself up and ran her fingers through her growing blonde hair, pulling fur away with each stroke. She bit her lips and spread her thighs and rocked back, grinding against the floor. "I'm me. I'm just me. I'm okay."

She went to her hands and knees and crawled to him. Tony swallowed and watched her and felt his cock throbbing.

"I'm hot, master," Ein said, her hips rotating as she crawled.

"M- master?" He asked, his eyes fixed on hers. "I'm- I'm not."

"You named me," she replied. "You- ahhhh!"

Ein flexed her back, raising her hips with a low howl that turned into a human moan. Her back paws scratched at the floor and then bulged as the pads began to form toes. Her legs cracked and bent at an awkward angle to accommodate the ankles growing in place.

The young girl spread her thighs and looked up at Tony with her mouth open. Her blue eyes were dull with lust.

"I'm in heat, master," she panted. "I'm in need. I need you. Please. Please."

"I don't-" Tony crossed his arms as she reached him, her warm hands grabbing his knees. "I can't-"

"Please," she said, her mouth reaching for his. She smelled of sweat and sex and he could feel the heat radiating from her skin.

When Ein's lips touched his, they were soft and he opened to her reflexively. She moaned as their tongues touched and he found himself reaching for her. She pressed against him and broke away, lapping at his cheek with her small tongue.

"Yes," she told him breathlessly. Ein moved again, sitting up to wrap her still changing legs around him. She pressed herself against his jeans, rubbing herself against his erection. "Yes, yes, yes. Please. Touch me. Please. I'm just like you. I'm just like you. Look at me."

"But, you were, I saw-" Tony broke off as she kissed him again. Her hand touched his and she guided him to grab her ass. His fingers dug into her soft skin and she barked suddenly and loudly. When he pulled his hand away, she immediately pulled it back, holding it in place.

"No," she said, her voice trembling. "I'm human now. I'm human. I was a dog but I'm human now. For you. For this. I need it. Please. I'm just like you."

Ein leaned back. She gently took Tony's free hand to pull it to her chest. When his thumb brushed her top nipple she moaned and shuddered and squeezed his fingers against it. Her pinched the nipple painfully and she barked again.

"Yes, like that yes, like that," she repeated, grinding faster, growling at herself in shame for barking.

Tony pulled and pinched at her nipple. The skin around it puckered while he twisted it. Below, he saw the other nipples slowly pull flat, disappearing into her soft, pink belly. He looked up again as he felt his hand move. The dimpled skin around the nipple darkened and bulged as her breasts began to grow.

"Oh!" Ein said quietly. "Oh! Yes! Oh yes! I'm yours, master. I'm yours. Please. Yours. Your good girl. Yours."

Tony bent to the girl's growing breast and took her nipple in his mouth. Ein whimpered in his ear and her hips juddered against him. The soft skin swelled against his lips and he moved as it grew, squeezing and kneading the growing breast. He felt the other slid against his cheek while it grew to match the one he suckled on.

The young man pushed the girl off and she whined on her hands and knees. Her large breasts hung beneath her. Soft, golden fuzz lined her spine and tops of her shoulders, barely visible in the overhead light.

"Please," she whispered, watching him. With a loud, harsh bark, she flexed her back and clenched her fists. "Please. I'm so hot. I need so much. I need you. So much. I need-"

Tony pulled his shirt off with a jerk. His heart hammered in his chest as he fumbled with his jeans. Before him, Ein smiled and offered herself, her hips trembling in anticipation. He called himself crazy. Called himself stupid. Called himself ten kinds of dumb but he couldn't deny that this incredibly hot girl wanted him badly. He hesitated as her dog's pussy glistened in the light but, while he watched the lips stretched and shifted.

A long string of the girl's wetness dripped from between her changing pussy lips as she finished her changes. Tony pulled his pants down and his erection throbbed before him. He could smell her pussy and it just made him more riled.

"No," he told her, leaning down behind her. He slapped her ass hard and she barked, spreading her thighs wider. Her large ass shook and he slapped the other cheek. "No, you're a dirty, slutty girl, aren't you? You're just a dirty bitch. Waiting for her master."

"Yes!" Ein cried out. "Yes yes yes! I am, yes! Oh yes! Please. Please mount me! Oh yes, I'm your slutty girl! I'm whatever you want me to be, yes! I'm your bitch, master, oh god yes your bitch in heat!"

Tony grabbed the back of the girl's neck and forced her down while he pressed forward, his cock slipping between the girl's slick pussy. She barked and trembled but didn't resist. Instead, she pressed herself back against him.

"A dirty little slut just begging to be fucked," he told her, his voice harsh. "You think you're human but you're just a bitch begging for attention."

"Yessssss," Ein hissed, moaning and licking her lips. "Begging, yesssss."

"You want my cock in you, little slut?"

"Please please please," Ein whimpered, her hips jerking as her fingers clawed at the ground. "Pleeeease."

"Then tell me," he said roughly, bending close to her ear. "Tell me what you are."

"Your bitch!" she cried out without hesitation. "Your bitch, master. Your dog. Your good girl. I'm whatever you want me to be and I need you so bad."

Tony grabbed his thick cock and slid the head down between her swollen lips. Ein jack-knifed and then howled as he pressed into her. The young man shifted his grip, grabbing her long, blonde hair to pull her up hard onto her hands and knees. He jerked her back and impaled her on his cock, feeling her hot, tight pussy grip his length.

Releasing her hair, Tony grabbed the girl's hips and waist, his fingers digging hard into her skin.

"Fucking," Tony growled slamming her back against his waist. He felt oddly disconnected from what he was doing. He was enjoying himself and had always enjoyed rough sex but he felt almost as if he was watching himself from the side. He should be talking to her - finding out what happened and who she was but he couldn't help himself. He slapped her ass again and Ein barked, slamming herself back eagerly. "Fucking. Little. Slut. Little bitch in heat!"

The young man leaned forward while he fucked her, focusing on anything but the building orgasm. He reached for her swinging breast, holding it in place to grab and pinch her nipple painfully. He felt the wetness flood deep inside of her.

"You like that, don't you," he gasped, pushing away the orgasm. "Like that, don't you, you little dirty whore. Don't you?"

"Yessss oh yesssss," Ein gasped. "Can I - oh yes yes yes - can I cum, master? Can I please?"

"No," Tony growled, slamming into her. Her soft ass slapped wetly against him. "Not. Until. I-"

The young man groaned and grabbed Ein's hair, pushing her down against the ground. His cock swelled and he filled her again and again with his cum. Ein howled from the feel of it, shaking as she denied her own orgasm. Her mouth ran wild, begging and pleading for release.

"Cum," he told her. "Cum for me, you little slut. Cum for me, bitch."

Ein threw her head back and opened her mouth, thin air escaped her throat as she orgasmed. She tried to howl with the release but the world went white as the heat deep in her body seemed to explode. She held herself still, crying out when she finally found her voice.

"Thank," Ein gasped. "Thank. Thank you. Thank you, master. Thank you. Oh yes."

The heat retreated but didn't vanish. And, already, she could feel it slowly building. She would beg for more. And soon. Very soon. But for now, she held him within her and turned to press against him as he lay down beside her. Gently, she took his hand to press it against her breast.

She knew he would ask who she was and she would tell him. Soon. But later. She whined and panted as the heat flushed through her. Later. Later she would tell him about her and her kind. Master would want to know and she'd tell him. For now, she flexed her hips against him. For now, she pressed his fingers against her throbbing nipple. For now she needed to be mounted again.
Master and Bitch [Story, Dog to Woman, F/M]
This story was commissioned by danio13 ( )  - all ideas, characters, settings, situation and story title are his.

A young man finds a shifter.  Unaware of who she is and assuming she's a lost dog, he takes her home and finds a bitch in heat.

Mature Content

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The sharp, high calls of coquis and thousands of other hidden nocturnal creatures began to fill the air as the sun slipped lower in the sky. Darkness fell quickly in the rainforest, the trees blocking what little light remained of the red and pink and orange sunset. The sound of laughing tourists joined the small animals calling for their mates as locals moved silently around a large clearing, re-lighting special torches used to keep mosquitos and other biting insects away.

A small bus wound silently along the beaten path to a large building at the center of the clearing. The little electric vehicle squeaked to a stop and the doors hissed opened. Employees of the large "eco hotel" exited the vehicle, talking animatedly with each other. They broke off into groups and made their way to different parts of the complex.

Lorena smiled at the driver as she walked down the few steps of the bus. Her shy smile betrayed brilliant white teeth and dimples that made more than one young boy profess their love to her. The old driver smiled fondly in return and wished her a good evening as he closed the door. Lorena straightened her crisp uniform when a tour bus full of rowdy tourists pulled up behind her.

"And here we are, ladies and gentlemen," the tour guide said with a flourish. The young man spoke with a slight accent but, having given the speech hundreds of times, it was barely noticeable. "We end the first day's tour at Posada Ecológica. We hope you've enjoyed the small tour of Amaqui but we promise that there's much more to see in our beautiful country. Guides are waiting to show you to your assigned bungalow. We have entertainment planned for the evening - dancing and singing and delicious food await you!"

Standing to the side, Lorena adjusted the tight, intricate braid her grandmother had made for her earlier. She watched the tourists leave the bus, eyeing each of them in turn with sharp, black eyes. Several of the women were attractive and a few of the men were quite handsome. She loved her country and her village but she couldn't help the twinge of jealousy she felt from these travelers. She was blessed with a loving family and a well-paying job but she'd never travel; she'd never experience life beyond the ordinary daily routine she'd made for herself.

Her eyes tracked one man while her mind wandered. He was tall and slim with a short beard. His loose white shirt was soaked from the armpits and chest like the rest of the Americanos and his brown hair was short but curly. He had a relaxed way about himself and stood apart from the group. She watched the young man follow the other tourists and wondered why, despite the beauty around him, he looked so sad.

The young girl shook herself and walked to the main office, away from where the tourists were being led. She spoke briefly to her manager to get the list of bungalows she'd be cleaning while the guests enjoyed their entertainment. Music and shouting greeted her as she stepped outside into the humid air and she watched the dancers for a moment. Her tanned cheeks blushed red as she watched the girls move their hips and found herself moving in return.

Maybe I can get Juan to go dancing with me this weekend, Lorena thought as she stepped lightly from one foot to the other, matching the steps of the girls on stage. He seems sweet to me.

Humming, Lorena went to work and time passed. She greeted the other women and listened to them gossip while they busied themselves with cleaning. She was new and not yet confident in herself to join in their conversations - especially since the rest of them were from other villages. She saw the man from earlier a few times and felt her eyes drawn to him whenever she passed. He reminded her of Rafael from her village. But older and more mature and she wondered if he was a good dancer.

Lorena worked late into the night. The rainforest sang to her and made her feel safe and at home. The hotel was unique - an "Eco Friendly" place where guests could enjoy a natural environment away from the stress and rush of the city. The rainforest surrounded them for kilometers and the Basate River was less than half a day's ride away. The young girl lived at the hotel during the week and the sounds kept her from feeling homesick.

With a sigh, Lorena lowered herself to a bench near one of the cabana's she'd just cleaned. There was only three more to go but her feet and back were sore and she needed a moment to rest. A single guest, an older man, stumbled at the far end of the clearing. The young girl watched him stop at the edge of the forest and then step between two mossy trees.

It wasn't illegal for guests to explore but, at the beginning of their stay, each tourist sat through a lecture on the dangers of the natural rainforest. Wandering without a guide was highly discouraged.

Lorena frowned, squinting to see the man through the silvery moonlight filtering through the canopy.

"He'll be back," she whispered to herself as she stood. Carrying her bucket of cleaning supplies, the young girl went to the next cabana and scrubbed while glancing at the trees. She grew more nervous with each passing moment until, finally, she set her supplies down. She walked to where the old man had been and stopped, peering through the darkness.

"E- excuse me?" Lorena called out in accented English. She heard a twig crack further in. "Sir? You aren't supposed to be out there. Sir?"

Lorena hesitated. They were trained to offer assistance if needed and especially if it would keep the security detail from getting involved. She told herself he was probably just using the bathroom but she heard nothing beyond the croaks and bird calls and other random sounds.

"Sir?" Lorena called again, stepping into the forest. The girl walked slowly for, despite the moonlight, the trees were thick and her night vision was dulled by the torches kept lit around the hotel. "Can you hear me?"

The girl stepped carefully over fallen trees and exposed roots, occasionally calling out for the lost guest. Her heart hammered in her chest the deeper she went. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and she almost called out again but, instead, froze.

The forest was silent.

Lorena's hand trembled against the the tree she was using for support. She could hear wild calls far in the distance but, around her, a pregnant silence filled the air. She swallowed dry and felt the panic rising in her.

Go back slowly, she told herself as cold sweat slid down her back. Retrace your steps. Don't run. Don't panic. Just start moving.

Lorena turned.

And screamed as a weight slammed into her back. Fire erupted from her side and then darkness swallowed her, blessedly taking the pain with it.


"Lorena! Lorena!" a loud voice called.

The young girl gasped and shrieked and sat up, shielding her eyes against the bright overhead lights. Despite her panic and the unfamiliar room, her first thought was that the hotel shouldn't have electric lights.

A strong hand steadied the girl and she looked around, wincing at the soreness in her side. She touched her stomach tentatively and felt smooth, warm skin. She'd been undressed at some point and now only her bra kept her from being topless.

"Careful," the voice said. Lorena turned slowly to see an older woman standing next to her. "You've hit your head and we still need to check you for a concussion. How are you feeling?"

Lorena swallowed and explored her side. She remembered the pain she'd felt and was honestly surprised to find herself whole. Her finger traced a pale white line on her skin, just above her hip.

"What happened?" Lorena asked. The other woman handed her a glass of water and then pulled a small light from a pocket on her shirt. She shined the light in Lorena's eyes one at a time. "I was attacked but I don't remember what happened."

"I wasn't there," The woman answered. "When I've finished, the director will speak with you. I'm sure he'll have more information."

"The- my side," the young girl pressed her fingers against her side. "I thought-"

"Does your head hurt?" the nurse asked. When Lorena shook her head, she continued her examination. "There was some blood but we think it's from whatever attacked you. It must've been wounded in the struggle."

"I could swear," Lorena whispered to herself, trying to remember what happened before she passed out.

"Well," the nurse said firmly. "You're fine. But, if you feel dizzy or have a bad headache you must come back immediately. Someone is waiting for you outside to take you to the director and there's a change of clothes on the table in the corner."

Lorena dressed herself while the nurse put away her gear.

"Who did your appendectomy?" the nurse asked. Lorena paused, her slim fingers on the door handle. "I can recommend a doctor for your village. He's very good and willing to travel. And would never leave a scar like that for such a simple procedure."

"I-" Lorena paused and swallowed the words that followed: I still have my appendix. She felt too shy to correct the nurse. "I'll tell them, thank you."


"Do you remember anything that happened?" Gustavo, the hotel's director, asked. He was deeply tanned with a thick, brown mustache and warm eyes.

"No, sir," Lorena said, her eyes downcast.

"Well," the older man said. "We can give you the next night off if you need but the nurse seemed to find nothing. You're a very lucky girl. Tomas watched you and followed soon after. He scared off whatever it was that attacked you. Why did you wander into the forest?"

"I saw a guest, sir," Lorena answered, still staring at the floor. "He was drunk and he went into the forest before me. I waited and when he didn't come out, I went to check on him."

"You should've called security, Lorena," the director chided gently. "They're there for things like that. Tomas was on duty. Do you need tomorrow night off?"

"No, sir," Lorena said, blushing from the attention. "I feel fine. And I'm very sorry. Next time I'll talk to security first. Did- did they find the guest?"

"We checked in with all the guests after the incident and all are safe. Go to the dorms and get some rest, Lorena. Take it easy for the rest of tonight and tomorrow. And don't forget to speak to the nurse if you're not feeling well."


Lorena lay in her small bed, listening to the slow, quiet sounds of the morning shift as they prepared for the day. Her blankets lay around her and she fought the urge to pace. She felt tired but oddly restless and no position seemed to make her feel comfortable. She rolled to her side and then her back before sitting up and flipping her thick braid over her shoulder.

Despite the air conditioning, sweat stained her bed and her clothes - light shorts and loose shirt. The young girl rolled her head on her shoulders and yawned, her jaw popping as she flashed her teeth. She raised her tanned arms over her head and arched her back, stretching luxuriously with her firm breasts straining against her shirt.

For the hundredth time she stood and walked around the small room. Her shoulders were hunched and her ears twitched as pots and pans clanged together in the open common area. The girl's eyes flicked around the room and she found herself sniffing as the aroma of food filled the air.

Her stomach growled but she pushed it away - she didn't feel like leaving her den. It was hers and all the people outside were strangers. Outsiders. Her eyes shot to her door and she flashed her perfect white teeth and turned in a quick loop, stalking through her room. Drops of sweat slid down her back, soaking into her shirt until it hung wetly to her curves.

Lorena licked her lips and scented the air.

Slowly, imperceptibly, her canines lengthened. She ground her teeth against the dull ache and they stopped growing, the four teeth overlapping and making her lips bulge slightly, giving her a pronounced pout. The young girl's hand went to her hip and her fingers slid against the smooth, unblemished skin over and over. Her joints were sore from her toes to her neck and she felt feverish. Still, she refused to return to the nurse for fear of losing pay.

The young girl stopped at her desk and bent over it. Gripping the edge she stretched, bowing her back. Trembling from the force of it, she pushed her body to its limits. The skin along her back bulged as muscles grew beneath the surface, pushing her spine out. At the height of her stretch, her hip clicked and cracked as her tailbone unfused.

A fingernail on Lorena's right hand flexed and darkened as a tiny black tip slid from beneath it to scrape at the desk. The small claw carved a thin line in the wood as she stood back and away from the desk. She shivered and held herself as the sweat turned cold and tiredness set in. The small claw pulled back and the fingernail bulged to contain it.

Deep within the girl's hips, a single bone moved as her changing body lashed a non-existent tail.

"Maybe now," the girl told herself, hiding a huge yawn behind her small hand. "Maybe I can sleep now."

Lorena crawled into bed. Her shirt was tight against her body, straining to contain the growth of muscle along her back. She stretched again and then closed her eyes until sleep took her.


The battery powered alarm clock by her bed chimed and Lorena jerked upright with a hiss, baring her tiny fangs at the small device. She found herself on her hands and knees, body low against the bed. Blinking, the young girl shook her head and relaxed, quickly tapping the button to turn the alarm off.

Singing and laughing filled the air and Lorena pawed at her ears, annoyed with the sharp sounds assaulting her. Her ears twitched at the attention she gave them and muscles shifted and grew within her skull. The nearby sounds were almost painfully loud.

The young girl sat the edge of her bed with her head bowed, gripping the frame. Tendons stood out sharply in her forearms and the bed creaked. Tiny black and tawny yellow hairs sprouted from the back of her neck and she groaned while rolling her shoulders. She massaged the back of her sore neck for a moment and then felt a tear at the neckline of her shirt. She sighed, wonderful if she could borrow a needle and thread from the girl in the next room.

Standing, Lorena struggling to get out of her tight, wet top. She twisted and growled and turned until she was able to pull the shirt over her head, flinging it into the corner. Her pajama bottoms came off more easily and she stood naked in the middle of her room, staring at a door beside her desk.

Do I shower? she thought to herself. The new muscles within her head moved and her ears shifted, rotating to catch the sounds around her. She could hear the workers moving around their rooms, slowly waking up as she had. They all shared a small bathroom where they often showered together. Lorena raised her arm to her mouth and lapped slowly at the skin along her forearm. Maria is there and I don't want to see her again. I don't like the way she looked at me yesterday. Smirked at me. In my territory like she owns the place. Thinks she's better than me.

Lorena continued to clean herself while her mind wandered. She sat, stretching her toned, tanned leg out and ran her small tongue along her thigh. She could smell herself there and felt a blush reach her ears. She recalled a memory of Juan, shirtless and playing fútbol with his friends and a different kind of warmth began to fill her.

More black hairs sprouted slowly down her neck. Dark orange hairs mixed with them before stopping and the girl shivered as her braid brushed against the light fur.

"It's late," she whispered to herself. She shivered again as she lapped at the inside of her thigh for a final time. Her tongue felt rough against her silky smooth skin and it sent small exciting jolts directly to her lower stomach. "I need to get dressed."

Lorena moved around the room, dressing herself. As she had before, she struggled with her shirt, the buttons straining to stay in place. The girl frowned and looked down at her belly, wondering if she was growing fat. Instead, she saw hard flatness. In fact, as she turned, she watched muscles flex on her side and belly. She felt strong.

While she finished buttoning her shirt, a small claw slid forth from her fingernail, poking a tiny hole into the fabric. Finally, she shoved her feet into her shoes, grunting at how tight they felt. She laced them quickly and then stepped outside.

A small growl escaped Lorena's lips as the sound of revelry assaulted her. She pressed herself back against the side of her room and the skin at the base of her spine bulged. New bones formed and connected to her tailbone and they moved within, showing her annoyance. More tiny black hairs pushed forth from the skin along her back, forming small black spots. A few orange and yellow hairs grew among the black.

Breathing deeply, Lorena pushed away and forced a smile, her odd little fangs scraping against each other. A single golden line appeared in her left eye.

"Epa," a passing co-worker (Valeria, Lorena remembered) said. "¿Qué modo?"

"I'm well, thank you," Lorena answered through clenched teeth. Her head throbbed and her joints ached and that warmth was still spreading slowly through her stomach. She shivered and smiled wider and then wondered why Valeria took a quick step back with widened eyes.

"G- good," Valeria answered. The older woman turned away but stopped to glance back before hurrying off.

Lorena rubbed at her mouth and cheek with the back of her hand and gave herself a quick lick before setting off to work. On her way to the storage room, she spotted the man from the day before. The young girl paused and watched him, hidden from his view.

He was young but perhaps older than her by a few years. His curly hair was a mess and he looked like he hadn't showered. Lorena breathed deeply, her mouth slightly open. He smelled of alcohol and- she breathed again and a line of drool formed at the corner of her mouth. A sharp spike of pleasure pierced her lower stomach and she bit back a groan. He smelled of sex. His own. She closed her eyes breathed deeply, feeling the way her shirt slid against her suddenly sensitive sides.

Closing her mouth, the young girl stalked over to the man, a lascivious smile on her lips.

"Oh," Lorena said, feigning surprise. The man turned to her in surprise. "Excuse me, I was so busy that I didn't notice you there. I hope I didn't startle you."

"Oh, no," the man said. "Not at all. I was just watching the sunset."

Lorena smiled, showing her cheekbones. She could feel her heart racing and, this close, the smell of the man was intoxicating. Her eyes flicked to his crotch and his hands. And she swallowed the drool forming in her mouth. Pleasuring himself just a moment ago, she thought.

"Is this your first time here?" Lorena asked. She toyed with the top button of her uniform and didn't notice when it became unbuttoned. The man's eyes dropped for a moment to stare.

"N- I mean yes, it is."

"Mmmm," Lorena said, feeling a tight heat between her legs. Her finger traced a slow circle around the swell of her breast. "It's a lovely place. Very close to nature. Easy to let yourself go, you know? All of this- this wildness around you."

"Y- yeah."

"Well," Lorena told him, smiling brightly. Showing the male her tiny fangs. She glanced down at his crotch. Slowly. Obviously. Her smile widened and her finger went up to her nipple and it stiffened lazily at her touch. "Maybe I'll see you around, Mr...?"

"S- S- Scott," the man stuttered. "I'd- I'd- like. That."

"Mmmm," Lorena purred again. She breathed deeply one last time, scenting him before turning to walk away, her hips rocking as she crossed one leg in front of the other.


As she worked, Lorena found herself distracted. By noises and smells and by her coworkers. She gave the other women wide berth, glancing at them and frowning instinctively, especially the young girls. She held her breath while cleaning since the chemicals seemed to burn through her nose and throat. Often she took breaks away from the room to simply breathe the clean air.

When she stood outside on her little breaks, her eyes were inevitably drawn to the forest. The bulge on her back lengthened into a vestigial tail that she idly rubbed, groaning at the pleasurable feel of it. She wanted to run. To bolt away from work and just make for the trees.

The rounded skin of her small ears bulged and the skin grew slowly, pushing aside strands of hair until both ears had formed curved points. Fine black hairs sprouted from the tips of her ears. She flexed her hands open and closed, open and closed as she stared at the trees. On her right hand, a second small claw tore through a fingernail. Open and closed. She wanted to climb. Far away from the stench of the bleach. Far away from the stench of the other people.

White hairs sprouted around the young girl's belly button and then expanded, the short hairs spreading up to her ribs and down to mix with the soft tangle of her black pubic hair. She moaned as sweat beaded between her breasts and the heat in her belly flared.

Moaning, stretching, arching her back, she growled lightly, raising her hands to the sky and lapping at her lips with her rough tongue. She felt a strange energy coursing through her, mixing with the growing heat and she panted from it. More gold appeared in the girl's eyes.

Fabric tore along her back as powerful muscles formed in her chest. Lorena fell to her knees with a huff, bowing her head. Her breasts flattened against the simple white bra and then bulged to overflow, the soft skin pressing together. Her breasts swelled against her chest and her bra slid down, unable to contain them. Her small, pink nipples were swollen. Erect. Aching. The white fur along her belly grew in waves, spots forming from black hairs growing with the white.

Lorena groaned and gripped her tight shirt with one hand, the other pressed against the ground. Muscles bulged in her arm and she pulled ripping her shirt open to expose swollen, heavy breasts and short white and black fur. The humid air felt cooler than the heat coursing through her body.

"L- Lorena?" A voice called behind her.

The young girl snapped her head around, baring her fangs with a snarl. Her pupils dilated and bright gold and dark bronze flooded her irises.

"Amaurdanga!" the older woman exclaimed, quickly backing away and crossing herself. "L- L- Lorena!"

Lorena growled and nearly launched herself at the woman in her anger and surprise. Instead, she hunched and ran, coiling her legs, leaping away and landing on all fours. Her skirt ripped on the side, barely clinging to her body as she dug her fingers into the ground. Fingernails fell away to expose deadly onyx claw tips pushing forth from her fingers.

The young girl stumbled and rolled and then stood. Her heavy, sweaty breasts were nearly swallowed by the white and black fur lining her belly. Pain lanced through her head and she winced, pressing a clawed hand to her temple as her vision swam. Lights flashed and sounds roared in her ears and she stumbled again.

"Wrrrrrrr-" ong, she finished mentally, the words sticking her her throat and awkward mouth. She tasted blood and her fangs began to grow again, forcing her jaw open. Somethings. Wrong.

The stub of her tail continued to grow, sliding down her ass and thigh. She shivered at its touch.

It's, she thought, panting. Her jaw ached and it cracked as fur pushed forth from her cheeks: black and orange and white hairs growing to cover the light tan she'd had from years in the sun. Holes appeared in the skin above her lips and the tips of translucent whiskers pushed forth. Loud. People. So many. People. Sounds.

Lorena turned and ran from the noise, losing herself in the forest. Deep within her body, a sudden pain wracked her and she fell with a cry that quickly turned into a deep snarl. She stretched herself to all fours, raising her her hips. Her tail slid past the hem of her skirt, as thick as her wrist. Her skirt bulged as the tail flexed and she growled, annoyed that it was trapped. Reaching behind, she clawed at the outfit and ripped it free, exposing herself.

"Hrrrroooot!"Lorena yelled, going to her knees. Her thighs bulged, the skin stretching over thick muscle forming powerful legs. Her heavy, naked tail lashed behind her The young girl slid her hands along her belly, feeling the thick fur covering her skin, groaning and rocking her hips as she squeezed her swollen breasts. Orange and black fur sprouted from her shoulders, growing in waves to meet the white fur of her chest.

The girl's claws tore at the remainder of her top and she shredded it, flinging strips of cloth to her sides. Thick muscles flexed in her back before the heavy fur grew to cover it. Lorena stretched herself out with her thighs spread, exposing the hot, wetness between her legs to the warm night air.

The full moon seemed to blanket her in silverlight. Patches of thick, black and tawny fur grew along her tail. Lorena moaned and shuddered, reaching a hand beneath her, sliding it through the soft fur covering her mound, feeling the oddness of the remaining pubic hair and then hissing as she touched her swollen clit. The skin along the bottom of her hand was rough and she rubbed herself carefully. She shuddered, rational thoughts fleeing as her heat consumed her.

Lorena grabbed the tree next to her. Her claws sunk deep into the trunk and she pulled herself upright. Her feet ached and she looked down at them, blinking at the odd things covering them. She hissed and her longer ears seemed to flatten. The young woman kicked her feet and the shoe on her right foot nearly exploded as bones shifted and expanded.

Fabric from the shoe on her left foot seemed to sigh as thick black claws sliced through the front of it. The sides of the shoe bulged as bones cracked within her feet, pushing at the skin and forcing her up to the balls of her feet. The fabric separated from the soles, freeing her expanding feet and she grit her teeth, pressing her sweating forehead against the tree nearby while her paws formed.

Black spotted fur sprouted along Lorena's bulged, heavily muscled thighs, mixing with orange and yellow and white fur. Her jaw cracked and she coughed blood as her muzzle began to form.

Behind Lorena, a branch cracked and new instincts flooded through the young girl. She gripped the tree, feeling the bark through the thick black padding on her palms. Her heavy breasts, hidden behind thick fur, pressed against the cool bark. Quickly, she dug deadly claws from her feet into the tree and launched herself up, climbing the tree swiftly until she was high above the forest floor.

Lorena wrapped her legs around a massive branch and held tight, breathing through her nose at the pain in her face. The skin along the edge of her nose darkened as her jaw began to push out. Thick whiskers pushed forth from the holes above her lips and the skin of her top lip split.

"H- Heeeeeey," a voice called out from below the young girl. Lorena blinked back tears from her golden eyes as a young, bearded man stumbled into the forest. The man laughed and fell against a tree. He held a glass in one hand and the liquid slopped over the rim, spilling to the ground. She could smell the strong alcohol from the drink. "Pretty girl. S'a pretty girl here tha' likesme. Pretty girl."

As she watched the man, Lorena's lips darkened. She snarled quietly as her nose flattened and widened while her muzzle formed. Still, she watched the man with glowing, golden eyes. Scenting him. She found herself grinding her swollen clit against the branch in tiny movements. Her tail lashed and coiled itself around the branch and she moaned through thick fangs, lapping at her wide, blackened nose.

"I'm just- I'm just gonna- gonna," The man dropped his drink and fumbled at his pants. "Piss."

The aching heat between Lorena's thighs became unbearable. She groaned and uncoiled herself, holding onto the branch before dropping and rolling with a solid thud.

"Wha-" Scott said, turning slowly to look for the sound he'd heard. His startled yell was cut off as Lorena slammed into him, pulling him to the ground.

Fully changed, Lorena easily held the male down, her clawed hands in his, her wide hips and heavy thighs straddling his waist. The girl's thick, furry tail slammed against the ground and then wrapped itself around the man's bare leg. She rocked against him and licked his beard and face with her wide, long, rough tongue.

Scott sputtered and struggled against Lorena. He turned his face against the rough tongue lashing. Although he wasn't weak, he couldn't budge the girl. His arms trembled as he pushed with all his might without moving her hands an inch. He looked up, quickly sobering to see a woman on top of him. Not quite a woman. She had a short muzzle like a great cat with four huge fangs and large, soft rounded ears. She was covered in fur and her eyes were lit like the sun in the sparse moonlight.

Lorena leaned down against the male, a deep purr rumbling in her throat as she grinded against him. She felt the heat reach her head and it throbbed with need, blinding her to everything and riling her up. She raised her head and yowled, splitting the air with her cry. Scott yelled in return and then choked as Loren bit hard into his shoulder in her excitement.

Blood spurted into the air and Scott screamed, jack-knifing beneath Lorena. The pain in his shoulder was fierce and he thought he'd heard a bone snap. His eyes rolled and he gasped, hyperventilating and then arching his back when Lorena began licking his wound.

The feel of the girl's tongue on the throbbing, burning, roaring pain was sensual. She swirled her wide tongue against his skin and he found himself jerking with each motion. Despite the pain and panic, he felt his cock stir from her attention. Her large, soft breasts slid back and forth against his sweat-soaked chest and he could feel her hardened nipples drag along his shirt.

"P- p- p- please," Scott gasped. He hissed and then jerked his head back. He was fully erect and he could feel her pussy soaking through his shorts. The head of his throbbing cock slid free and he moaned before clenching his teeth. Her slick, swollen lips nearly burned against his dick. "F- fuck!"

Fire burned through Scott's veins and his heart roared in his ears. All other sounds faded into the distance and his entire world became the rumbling purr from Lorena. He felt feverish. Suffocating under Lorena's weight and heat.

Suddenly, the girl leaned back and Scott breathed deeply, smelling her musk. He leaned forward without realizing it and curled his lips, growling with the need that seemed to suddenly burn deep in his chest.

"No," Scott moaned, slamming himself back down. "No, I'm- I'm sick. I- I- I-"

Lorena dug her claws into Scott's shirt and pulled, ripping the fabric from him to leave his chest bare. Angry red claw marks seeped blood and he screamed silently, bucking beneath her. Lorena growled at the scent of blood, licking her reddened muzzle and then bent over her mate to clean him again.

Scott's biceps bulged, veins standing out as his muscles swelled in his arms and chest.

"Fuck!" he roared, spit flying from his mouth. Black and orange fur sprouted around the already healing cuts in his chest and his pecs bulged, knotting with muscle.

Lorena's hips jerked as Scott's cock continued to grow and thicken. The young girl hissed slowly through her fangs as her mate's dick slid between her swollen lips. She dug her claws into the ground and worked her hips slowly back and forth. The fur along her thighs and mound soaked up her excitement, filling the air with the smell of her need.

When bumps formed along Scott's cock, growing into small, sharp spines, Lorena screamed into the night, the high nearly human sound ending in a long, loud yowl.

"F- fuck. Fuck. Pussy," Scott babbled, his jaw cracking at the start of his own muzzle. He pushed and his biceps bulged, forcing Lorena's hands off of the ground. She grabbed her breasts, squeezing them as she mewled her pleasure. Scott reached around with his powerful arms, grabbing the girl's large, firm ass, squeezing and kneading as his claws grew in, splitting his fingernails. "Going. Fuck. Ride. Me."

With his fading humanity, Scott grabbed his cock from behind Lorena, held her ass in place and pushed her down onto his newly barbed dick. He growled and then hissed as she slid down his length. In turn, Lorena worked her jaws soundlessly, eyes nearly rolling back into her head as her tight pussy opened for her mate's cock. His barbs rubbed every inch of her, driving her mad.

The young girl lost herself, pounding her wide ass down again and again, the pain of the barbs fading away into the pleasure of being fucked.

Scott shifted as his tail began to grow. He growled and turned slowly, giving room to the bones and skin as they lengthened slowly. The man grabbed the base of Lorena's thick tail. He pulled and twisted and she shuddered above him, licking his growing muzzle in encouragement.

Suddenly, Lorena's panting quickened and her short gasps turned into high pitched mewling sounds until she bucked, experiencing her first orgasm in her new form. She licked her mate's face again and again, still working her hips as her pussy clenched around her lover's cock. A second, smaller orgasm hit the girl and she collapsed against Scott, her legs shaking uncontrollably. White fur sprouted along Scott's stomach as she lay against him and their scents mingled.

Slowly, Scott shifted, pushing Lorena off to the side. The girl gasped and cried out as his barbs moved inside of her but she held still until he pulled out. Scott stood behind the girl and she arched her back with her thighs spread, offering herself. The darkness of the forest lightened as he looked over her and a soft light seemed to suffuse the entire area. Burnished gold filled his irises and he suddenly sneezed as his whiskers broke through his skin.

The young man lapped at his wet nose with his rough tongue and then bent to his mate. As he moved, his shorts split along the side, falling to the ground below him. His thighs bulged with muscle, the skin still bare. His huge, barbed cock glistened in the pain moonlight, slick with his lover's cum.

Scott slowly went to his hands and feet just as thick, dark claws split his shoes. He growled lightly at the pain in his feet but slid along his lover, shivering as the fur covering his belly tangled with the fur on her back. He could feel his tail pulling at his back and spine as it moved behind him and Lorena's tail pressed heavily against his side, wrapping around his waist.

The head of the young man's cock, slightly pointed now, slid against Lorena's firm ass and she jerked as the tip pressed between her wetness. He found her hands and their thick, padded fingers entwined when he mounted her. Lorena leaned her head back, purring deeply as she rubbed her muzzle against Scott's furred face. Her hips shook and she growled with pain and pleasure. When she thought she could take no more, he bottomed out, his cock deep inside of her.

They both roared when he moved against her, faster and faster. Lorena's wetness tangled with her fur and his and she whimpered, nearly like a human when she felt the orgasm building within. She called to him. Encouraged him. Faint traces of her humanity urging him to keep going, to not stop, raising her hips to find the perfect spot. Losing herself in all of it. The feel of his barbs. The softness of his fur. The rough, blackened pads of his paws against her hands. His fangs lightly in her shoulder. Every touch of him drove her wild.

Lorena bucked from her orgasm. Her stomach muscles clenched painfully hard and her pussy pulsed against her mate's cock. She rode it, trying to speak, trying to move until she felt him bite into her shoulder hard enough to break skin. Scott's barbed cock swelled within her and she yowled as he filled her again and again and again. Static filled her ears when another orgasm, as powerful as the last, crashed into her. And still he swelled within her.

The two lovers crashed to the ground, spent. Sore. Soaked in each other's cum. Scott groomed his mate, licking where he'd bitten her and she pressed herself back against him.

Shafts of silver light from the full moon surrounded them both and the surrounding forest was silent, as if paying their respects to the two new lovers.



They untangled and groomed each other. Temporarily satiated, they listened for sounds deeper in the forest. The sounds of prey. They moved as one, silently through the forest. Away from humanity. Hunting through the night.
Wild [Story, TF, F/M, Jaguar]
This story was commissioned by RayO_ElGatubelo - all ideas, characters and settings are his.  

A young woman wanders into the rainforest and is attacked.  She finds herself changing under the light of the moon.


I've decided to tentatively take commissions.  Tentatively.

If you've read my stuff, you know what I'm into and what I'm good at writing.  I won't write loli stuff or certain fetishes like scat or pee related things.  I'm also really not into vore (but okay with violence) and probably a lot of other things.  You can always just ask and I'll just politely tell you whether I'm okay with it.

I mostly work with TF and TG related and primarily with furry creatures but I'm sure I can handle most things.  I'm not really into inanimate TFs, though.  I suppose you could always ask but I'm not sure I'm the right author for that.

I'm looking at $12 per 1,000 words and would post on my sites with credit to you for the idea and a link to your website if requested.  However, I can discuss options to let you post the story only on your site.

I would need details on the plot, characters, names, fetishes or kinks or things you'd specifically like to see - basically as much detail as you can provide so that the story is tailored for you.  HOWEVER, I have my own style and while I can assume various styles (per request), you should know that I'll consider that additional if it's taxing.  Likewise, if the story somehow requires extraordinary research, that would also be extra.

You can message me here or email me privately at



Old Dog, New Tricks
United States
I started writing back in March of 2011 after years and years and years and wishing I could write. It all started with a dream and went from there. And, now? I have tons of ideas. Tons of ideas and not as much time to write, sadly :)

I'm also on FurAffinity, SoFurry, Literotica, FanFiction and Smashwords but I try to post all my stories on each place so no one place has stories the others don't. Except for Smashwords. They're weird sometimes.


It's been a bit.  I'd wanted to take a break before but then stupidly thought I'd try commissions.  Did a few and got dangerously close to feeling burned out completely.  So I took a break, unfortunately breaking commission promises in the meantime.

So, where am I?

First - cool news, "Layers" was picked up for publishing by an erotica & romance publishing firm.  Some of my other stories may also be published and, who knows, future stuff as well, maybe.  I'll post updates on that when it happens!

Second - I'll probably start writing soon.  I want to try to finish the commissions I'd accepted so I'll try that first.  A little at a time so I don't burn out.

Anyway, that's where I am.  Thought I'd let y'all know!


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